Dr Abha (MBBS, MD) Pediatrician in Rohini, Delhi 

new born specialist in rohini

Dr. Abha Midha is a Newborn Child Specialists in Rohini, Delhi and has good experience as she is practicing from more than 15 years, she is Senior Consultant in Neonatology and Pediatrics at Jaipur Golden Hospital Rohini, Delhi.

We treat medical conditions include- Newborn Care, Vaccination, Nebulization, Child Nutrition, Childhood Obesity, Growth and Development, Adolescent Medicine and Childhood Asthma and all other common Pediatric ailments. 

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Advice to be given for care of a normal newborn babies:-

    1. All mothers should be advised to exclusively breastfeed the babies till 6 months of age
    2. The mother should be explained the schedule of immunization and date of next immunization
    3. Parents should be advised for a follow up for assessment of jaundice of newborn 
    4. Vitamin D supplementation in dose should be given as per doctor advise until 1year of age to be done.
    5. Danger sign to be explained to the parents
      • Lethargy
      • Difficulty in feeding
      • Fast Breathing (RR>60/min)
      • Yellow staining of palms and soles
      • Server chest in-drawing
      • Convulsion
      • Temperature more than 37.5 C or below 
    6. Kajal / Surma not to be put in eyes, no putting of oil in ear or application of cow-dung on the cord.
    7. Healing term newborn should be preferably made to sleep on their back as these is substantial evidence in the literature from developed countries of an association of prove position and SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome)
    8. Talcum powder application should be avoided
    9. Routine dip baths should be avoided till the cord fallen down
    10. Oil massage should be done in a gentle way, with clean hands and oils with additives or the irritant oils should be avoided.
    11. The umbilical stump should be kept dry and devoid of any application.

If the newborn is breastfeeding adequately then their will be 

      • Passage of urine 6 to 8 times in 24 hours
      • Baby sleeping well for 2-3 hours after feed
      • There is no excessive weight loss